Pin Grading

Pins are handmade so they may have some little to more noticeable flaws.

* this doesn't mean that the pins will have all these flaws in one piece!

All Pre-orders are guaranteed a standard grade!

A GRADE/ STANDARD might have:

  • Slightly misaligned screenprint
  • Imperfections on the back of the pin
  • Tiny and barely noticeable bubbles on pins coated with epoxy.
  • Tiny glitter specs 
  • Minor metal plating imperfections, scratches or small holes in enamel
  • Low fill enamel in very small areas
  • Slightly wiggly post (sometimes) - does not affect pin stability
  • I have high standards for A grade but please do not expect 100% grail perfect pins

These do not detract from design and often invisible at arms length.



- These pins are the ones that are not A grades completely but also don't fall under B grades! Kinda like a A- pin!  
Flaws can include:

  • Slightly crunchy plating, slightly stained plating, subtle ridges on enamel only seen on certain angles and close inspection plus the A grades flaws.



  • Scratching on the enamel or metal
  • Tarnished metal (usually happens with rose gold or Black Nickel)  
  • Wrong enamel color
  • More noticeable holes in enamel
  • Under-fill in larger areas
  • Noticeable bubbles on Epoxy covered pins or stained glass.
  • Very wiggly post
  • May not come with official backing card

More noticeable at arms length but does not detract from design.


Very noticeable flaws!

  • areas of missing enamel
  • very noticeable scratches
  • incorrect glitter
  • major screenprinting issues
  • noticeable misaligned screenprint
  • noticeable holes in enamel
  • Chipped metal plating
  • Doesn't come with backing card

D Grade

  • Buy at your own risk!!!!
  • Missing enamel in large areas
  • These pins are cute BUT VERY FLAWED

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